ANA Chairman Rodney Martin participates in PRESSTV Panel on Gaza this evening (7/22/14)

ANA Chairman Rodney Martin interviewed on PRESSTV's Webzine - Refers to John McCain "as psychotic, delusional, or suffering from Alzheimer’s".  Link posted in our PressTV Video Bank

ANA Chairman Rodney Martin interviewed on PRESSTV  Saturday July 12, 2014 Re: Ukraine Civil War.  Video posted in our PressTV Video Bank.

ANA Chairman Rodney Martin interview with PRESSTV'S WEBZINE TODAY (7/9).  Link posted in in our PressTV links section.


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A PEople without Roots

There are many things we can change, we can adapt ourselves to progress and the times and learn new and valuable lessons; but we must keep our ethnic character and cultural traditions and be ever mindful of becoming people without roots…Rodney Martin, March 3, 2014


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ANA Chairman rodney martin INTERVIEW WITH PRESSTV'S WEBZINE TODAY (7/9/14),:

ANA Chairman -presstv webzine Re: iraq/yugoslvia style breakup:

ANA Chairman - PRESSTV Webzine Re: Iraq & U.S. Liability:

ana chairman- PRESSTV INTERVIEW, earlier this evening (6/1/14) :

ANA chairman -  PRESSTV WEBZINE INTERVIEW THIS MORNING (6/2/14) Re: U.S. Sanctions on Iran.:

ANA Chairman - May 10/11, 2014, 12AM: East Ukraine Referendum

ANA Chairman - May 10, 2014 9AM: Re: Developments in Ukraine - East Ukraine Referendum:

ANA Chairman - April 22, 2014: Escalating tensions between the USA and Russia Re: Ukraine:

ANA Chairman - April 21, 2014: Constitutionality of Detainees at Guantanamo Bay :

ANA Chairman - March 17, 2014: on PRESSTV on the eve of the Crimean Referendum:

ANA Chairman - March 4, 2014:  on PRESSTV Re: Developments in Ukraine:


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