Christopher borsella

New York

ANA/ANN Secretary-Treasurer

Christopher Borsella is the popular host of The Nationalist Mandate, Ethno News Now, and CJ’s Roadhouse appearing every Monday and Tuesday night (respectively) at 8PM EST. Whereas The Imperian Mandate provides pro-White activists with an unbiased platform to express and promote their views, Ethno News Now is a weekly 1-hour news update on all the most relevant news stories affecting White people globally.

Borsella received the inspiration for his Imperian Mandate radio program from his own literary magnum opus: The Imperian Manifesto (2nd Ed., 2013), written under the nom de plume  “Caius Marcus Ideus” – a book that has received rave reviews from many different leaders and intellectuals in the Pro-White Movement.

A writer by trade, Borsella is also a historian, researcher and political activist with a Master’s Degree in History from the prestigious City College of New York (CUNY). He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Historical Studies (with an emphasis in World Civilizations and a minor in Cultural Studies) from SUNY Empire State College. Borsella has often stated that his intense and interdisciplinary training in the humanities (particularly in the fields of World Cultures and Civilizations, the Classics, European Studies, Politics and Geopolitical Theory), coupled with his lifelong love of History in general, has made it possible for him to speak comfortably if not exhaustively on any given historical and political topic.

A New York native, Borsella was employed between 2006 and 2009 as a chief information gatherer and data analyst in two separate departments of the United Nations. While there, Borsella carefully and rigorously scrutinized all data for relevance, verity, usefulness and balance – from a wide variety of both foreign and intra-organizational sources. He resigned his position in 2009 citing ethical differences with the UN’s liberal/leftist directorate.

Upon leaving the United Nations, Borsella began a career as a freelancer for countless minor and major publications all over the English-speaking world. Most of his past articles and essays focused on cyclical history and cultural dissonance utilized as a combined algorithmic tool for accurately approximating and predicting the appearance of unknown variables in international relations. A number of his articles were translated into various other languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Arabic and Farsi.

Ever since he could remember, Borsella has been proud of his own rich European ethnic “tapestry,” as someone who is: 5/8ths Italian, 1/4th Russian-Ukrainian, and 1/8th English-Irish. As he puts it, “The blood of the four major ethno-linguistic subgroups of Europe runs through my veins with the confluent force of a mighty river: The Latins, Slavs, Teutons and Celts.”

As for hobbies, Borsella enjoys: hiking and enjoying nature in all its varied forms, arrowhead collecting, listening to classical and European folk music, attending the New York Philharmonic, visiting quality museums, cooking and the culinary arts, weightlifting/working out, and spending good quality time with friends and family.

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