ANA/ANN Chairman Rodney Martin is an American Ethno-Nationalist, political activist, Historian and Researcher.

Rodney Martin descends from German and Scottish families.  He was raised by very traditional fraternal German grandparents who raised him from birth. Martin’s German family were East Prussians from Elbing and Marienburg.  His maternal family, hails from Duns, Scotland.      Martin prides himself on having researched his family history to 1710 and says his family history remains a “work in progress as long as he can continue to find accurate records”.   Chairman Martin is considered by many to be a prolific debater and speaker on behalf of European Ethno Nationalism and on behalf of Germany both inside and outside the “Ethno Nationalist Movement”.  He is especially respected by many Germans, around the globe who view him as an advocate for German History and traditions.  He and his wife have been targets of opposition and attacks for their opposition to miscegenation by Jewish Activists in his hometown. Martin has replied to these attacks by responding, “I like every normal person want my grandchildren to look like me, I just say it openly.”


Rodney Martin has been married to his wife Peggy for 20 years.  His wife is of German and Irish ethnicity. They met while Martin was briefly training at the U.S. Army Base at Ft. Lewis in Washington State before his deployment to Somalia.  Rodney and Peggy Martin are parents of 5 children, which are all home schooled.  They have also been foster parents to 11 other White children from disadvantaged families.  Martin and his wife used to routinely provide their home for White children who become homeless due to economics or due to abuse or poor choices by their own parents.

Chairman Martin’s “Work Horse” efforts have not gone unnoticed by Movement heavyweights such as Mark Weber, Thomas Goodrich, David Duke, Norman Lowell, and Deanna Spingola.

According to Mark Weber, Director of the Institute for Historic Review, Rodney Martin has  coined a term, which Weber says he and others have begun using, “it’s the Culture Stupid”, a  play on the 1992 Presidential theme used against George HW Bush.  According to Martin, “the economy is an easy fix, but when your Culture is corrupted, everything else is easy to destroy, thus we have to restore our Culture”.  Martin also refers to the United States as ‘Weimar America” in his writings and various Radio appearances and broadcast making comparison of the United States to the Weimar Republic. Martin is quoted as saying that “the Weimar Republic was the blueprint for what Jewish Marxists would later do in Europe and the United States, both economically and culturally.



David Baillie is a founding Board Member.  He is presently serving a second tenure on the ANA Board Ad Interim as well as serves as the ANN Broadcast Director.
David was raised primarily by his Czech grandmother, a woman who experienced first hand the horrors and inequities of Communism. She also made him aware that it was indeed the Jews who had ruined Europe and often cited how they were manipulating the media. Even given this background, it took 9/11 and the obvious fraud being perpetrated on the American people and that the rabbit hole runs deeper than he had deemed possible.
Understanding the Jewish Question has opened David’s eyes to even deeper and more meaningful truths, and he has become an adherent of Christian Identity, which reclaims the identity of Israel as the roots of the Aryans, the Noble Ones, those who refrained from mixing with the other races. David claims first generation status of pan-European lineage of Scots, French Canadian, Ukrainian and Czech. Always an honor student and winner of the Nat’s Boy’s Writing Scholarship, David spurned academia in favor of pursuing his own path which ultimately led to the simple life of carpentry and keeping vigil at our great our of need. Arise and thresh oh daughters of Zion, Arise and thresh!!!

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