Guide to Proper Microphone Technique

Guide to Proper Microphone Technique When Singing on Stage – Singing into a microphone doesn’t sound that complicated. In fact, it isn’t complicated but there are a few things that can turn a beautiful song into a muffled mess. MicGurus have the perfect list and product related to microphones. Listed below are some tips to help you improve your performance when using a microphone for singing.

First, there are different types of microphones you can use. There are directional microphones, or microphones that are meant to catch only those sounds directed at the microphone. In contrast, there are omni-directional microphones that are used to capture sounds from all directions. In addition, there are microphones that are placed on a stand and can be hand-held, and there are microphones that are placed on headsets.

The type of microphone you use will be your decision. However, you will need to ensure that whatever microphone you have chosen is securely placed in a position that is comfortable and provides the right sound for you. If the microphone is on a stand you should make sure the stand is the right height. If the microphone is attached to a headset you should make sure that the headset is securely fastened.

When using a microphone it is a good idea to keep the microphone pointed away from the speakers. This can create those awful high pitched noises you commonly hear in the movies. This noise is called feedback and can ruin any performance.

When using a microphone you must talk directly into the microphone. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat the microphone. To ensure that your sound doesn’t get distorted or muffled, you need to have the microphone a little ways from your mouth. Also, when you are singing louder than normal, you may need to hold the microphone a little further away from your mouth. After a little practice, you will be able to judge exactly when and where you should hold the microphone.

Now, you should always be aware of the microphones cords. You don’t want them to come loose while you are singing and you certainly don’t want to trip over them and fall. You should also be aware of the on/off switch. This may be on the microphone itself and can be turned by accident during your performance. Knowing where the switch is can prevent you from turning the microphone off during a performance.

In the end, proper microphone technique when singing on stage is something that comes with practice. However, if you are aware of these techniques practicing and performing will be a lot easier.


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