THE ANA, Our Core Values & Membership

The ANA – Our Core Values

Commitment to a European-American National Community:
A National Community based on our ancestry and our common culture is a better society to live in. We believe that our ethnicity and culture is vital and worthy of protection and promotion. We believe that we each have a personal responsibility to consider the good of our People and to assume a personal role in promoting and protecting it. We believe that each of us must work to keep our heritage and culture alive for our posterity and a National Community that rejects foreign and decedent contaminants not consistent with our culture, social norms, and traditional values, among these are homosexuality, drugs, over indulgence of alcohol, pornography, and all other Judeo inspired weapons of European Culture.


We are a community united by descent from common ancestry. We value OUR unique heritage and seek to maintain the rich and vibrant culture and society handed down by our ancestors. We each should strive to know about our OWN ancestry and commit to that which defines us.


Healthy European-American families are the cornerstone of our National Community and its strength and prosperity is derived from them. We must support strong, healthy families. We want our children to grow up by mothers and fathers and to be to be mothers and fathers. We believe that those activities and behaviors which support the family should be encouraged while those activities and behaviors destructive to the family are to be discouraged and vigorously opposed and confronted, above all parents must assume a primary responsibility for the education and upbringing of their young.


A disorganized Community is a weak community. In the world we live in today, being disorganized leads to death. We must build our National Community and its ability to promote and defend our own interests. Our Community must be able to focus resources and bring benefits to our members. We must be committed to building our own thriving European American Communities, growing our own leaders and encouraging cooperation among our People. The leadership roles of our community must be based on the best and the brightest.


Personal Excellence:
One should strive to grow in knowledge and wisdom. One should maintain good physical and mental health and social conduct. We should always know right and wrong and how to judge between the two. We believe the pursuit of knowledge, the honing of skill, the building of family, and the leadership of men are worthy lifelong endeavors.



Honor Your Oaths:
Living an honorable life requires fulfilling one’s oaths and commitments. One must never enter into oaths lightly and must always weigh and fully understand the consequences of oaths before making them and live up to one’s obligations.


Traditional Warrior:
We should always be prepared to defend our Wives, Children, and Our People honorably, with cunning and with physical skill at all times.  We should stand intellectually against those who would seek to attack and destroy our culture, history, and way of life.


We should always strive to transcend mundane human existence and minimal performance by cultivating our talents, gifts, experiences and relationships handed down by our ancestors, and by studying and preserving our culture, history, and heritage.  Above all we must always reject foreign elements.

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