Nintendo DSI Uses Camera to Create 3D Images

Everyone is talking about 3D technology these days. A lot of people claim that Avatar has caused us to all go 3D crazy. However, our craze for more 3D with our technologies has been around for a couple decades now. Car photography is a tricky but easy with the help of car photography lenses. James Cameron was able to use 3D technology in a way that has never been seen before. This is why people were so amazed by the 3D in Avatar. It was different and unique. Now companies are coming out with 3D technology left and right but they all require 3D glasses. Nintendo might be onto something unique with their take on 3D technology with the Nintendo DSI.

You might be like me and wonder why Nintendo would choose the DSI to try out new 3D technology and not the Wii. This is because the Nintendo DSI is a hand-held device that is more directly in the face than the Wii ever is. Nintendo needed a product that would be right in front of our faces because they have created technology that uses face recognition to create 3D images in a video game. I was able to see this technology first hand and can tell you it was amazing.

Many people can not wear 3D glasses because they cause them severe dizziness. Nintendo understands this and wanted to offer people another way to experience this technology. Face tracking takes place with the DSI camera. A demo game has been created that is very basic in concept and idea. Everytime you move your face or tilt the Nintendo DSI, you will be able to discover hidden 3D shapes that are within a scene. It feels as if you are looking through a glass window at something in front of you. Quite a breathtaking if I might say so myself.

The entire time you are looking for shapes allows the DSI to track the different directions that your eyes are moving in. That information is then transferred back to the DSI so that it correlate your eye position with the angle of the DSI screens. The game will then understand what direction you are looking in and thus create the illusion of 3D. You almost feel like you are involved in a cool magic eye image trick. This concept is clever and allows Nintendo to create 3D worlds in their video games.

Nintendo plans to keep testing the concept before they release it. There is no evidence yet that the company plans to strictly use the technology with the Nintendo DSI. The company might create another device and sell it as a special unit, or use the technology on all of their products and possibly even lease out the technology to the competitors. This is exciting for 3D enthusiasts of all kinds and should be available within the next year.


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