The ANA has recently received numerous calls and emails regarding the upcoming ANA Effective Ethno Nationalism Conference on September 20, 2014 and Dr. Tom Sunic’s various speaking engagements that same week, specifically a speech set for Santa Barbara on September 19, 2014.

First, it must be understood the ANA was not involved in Dr. Sunic’s speaking engagements nor their subject matter.

The ANA Board, Members, & Supporters have expressed concern at the stated objective of Dr. Sunic’s Speech set for September 19, 2014, which has been stated as follows:

Exactly week from today—at 6:00 PM on Friday September 19, 2014, we’ll be opening the doors of the Karpeles Manuscript Library in Santa Barbara for the opening reception of Tom Sunic’s week-long lecture tour of Southern California. Please join me there at 21 Anapuma Street in Downtown Santa……an historical meeting of unparalleled importance at the old YMCA building—at which Dr. Sunic will share the stage with Luke Ford, with American Freedom Party Founder William D. Johnson and Rabbi Hertzel Illulian in attendance, to try to usher in a new era of communication and cooperation between White Christian Nationalists and both religious Jews and Zionists. Call Robert Stark at 805-280-888 or me (Charles Lincoln) 504-408-5492.


Complicating this, is the fact that it had been announced that Dr. Sunic would be speaking at the ANA Conference the following Day on September 20th, which was incorporated as part of his weeklong speaking tour.  This created a great deal of confusion and outrage and demands for clarification today.

The ANA wishes to clarify:

1)      Dr. Sunic is not a member of the ANA and while he was previously set to speak at the ANA Conference, the ANA was not aware of any arrangements regarding his other speaking engagements and agenda surrounding his speech set the day prior involving Rabbis, Jewish Bloggers, and Zionists.

2)      Had the ANA been aware of Dr. Sunic’s objectives and desired mission for his Speech to be held on September 19th, the ANA would not have invited him to speak at the ANA Conference, especially given the history of the JMM Center, the Jewish Sports and Education Center affiliated with the Chabad Synagogue where Dr. Sunic agreed to speak.

3)      The ANA strongly believes the stated objectives and audience which reaches out to Jews, Jewish Bloggers, Homosexual Activists, and Zionists as outlined in the posted Announcement for Dr. Sunic’s September 19th Speech is NOT conducive for Our people and Our Children’s Future.


4)      The ANA is especially outraged by the fact that Luke Ford one of the Jewish Bloggers, Dr. Sunic has agreed to share the stage with has written in support of homosexuality and the Rabbi Dr. Sunic has agreed to share the stage with, Rabbi Llulian directs a Beverly Hills Jewish Center where his son-in-law was employed and who was indicted on child sex charges.  The accused child rapist’s photograph still appears on the web site of the JMM Center where Dr. Sunic agreed to speak jointly with Jews and Zionists. 

5)      The ANA had nothing to do with preparations of Dr. Sunic’s Speaking Tour.  The ANA especially is appalled that Dr. Sunic would seek out “understanding & communication” with the very agents who have been responsible for destruction of Western Culture and Civilization.

Given these circumstances, the ANA has decided 1) to disinvite Dr. Sunic from any future ANA activities and 2) to postpone our September 20, 2014 Conference to a future date to assure there is absolutely no confusion between the ANA Event and any Events taking place in the Los Angeles area that purports to merge White Ethno Nationalist Interests with Jewish/Zionist Interests which are incompatible.

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